The Werkplaats organises various workshops, such as the monthly short introductory workshops called Monday Printing Club; which focus on a specific technique each time. Furthermore, we organise various introductory workshops and more in-depth workshops. workshop tshirt zeefdrukken 465
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De Grafische Werkplaats gives school groups the possibility to explore various techniques and learn by doing. Sharing the knowledge and keeping the different printing techniques alive is one of the main goals at the Grafische Werkplaats. For this reason, the werkplaats offers a broad variety of workshops well suited for school groups (especially high school / voortgezet onderwijs). The workshops, such as dry needle etching or t-shirt printing, are guided by enthusiastic, well trained and skilled teachers. For more information on the workshops take a look at the workshop page or contact us for more information:

Besides booking one workshop during which one technique is being explored, a combination of two workshops is also possible. When chosen, the students will be divided into two groups, each starting with one of the two workshops after which a shift takes place halfway. Other times, school groups visit the werkplaats a number of times, following a different workshop each time. The results can then be made into a little booklet.

Besides the standard workshops, special workshops or wishes can be discussed. Furthermore, teachers can also follow courses or workshops at the werkplaats to refresh or extend their skills and knowledge on the different printing techniques. For booking a workshop and questions please send us an email:

In general, the overall price of a standard workshop consists of €165,- euro for a group of maximum 15 students. In case the group consists of more than 15 students, this ammount will be €240,- euro with a maximum of 30 students in total. Though this is an estimate, for every request the official price will be set after discussing the wishes and actual group size.

The werkplaats also offers the possibility to pay with the cultuurkaart, adding an amount of €10,euro extra per workshop.

Please contact us for booking a workshop or for questions by sending an email:


We organise various individual workshops of approx. two hours, which are perfectly suitable for a corporate event, consider for example:

– T-shirt screen printing
– Making a selfie, linocuts
– Printing a booklet using the Risograph
– Dry point etching

For example, we had forty designers from Nike Europe in the Werkplaats for a day-long workshop on various techniques. Staff from Oxfam Novib, Cimon and the Municipality of The Hague also followed a short workshop.

If you are interested, please contact us:


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