Analog Patronen expositie

Festival Analog Patterns takes place from 25 May until 16 June. They will come in spring to the Grafische Werkplaats to create an exhibition.

Exposition will be untill 10 July!

Artists collaborating with the exhibition:

Rachel Bacon, Suzan Drummen, Anne Geene, Christie van der Haak, Ingrid Greijn, Rabi Koria, Bureau RNDR, Masaaki Oyamada, Wouter Willebrands.

The exhibition is free and open on Monday, Wed, Friday 10:00-17:00


Rachel Bacon

Rachel Bacon (1966, US) Visual Artist (Beeldend kunstenaar), lives & works in The Hague. She works independently on drawings, installations, films as exercise.

Suzan Drummen

Suzan Drummen (1963, NL), Visual Artist, Stadacademie, Jan Van Eijck Academie in Maastricht & Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. She creates paintings, photographs, films & works in the public space. The past years, she worked on room filling floor installations with glass & sparkling materials.


Anne Geene

Anne Geene (1983, NL), photographer, studied in St Joost in Breda and she has a great fascination for nature which she captures in her photography projects in an investigative manner. Recently she has been nominated for the Volkskrant Fine Art Prize.

Ingrid Greijn

Ingrid Greijn (1964, NL) Visual Artist, lives & works in Amsterdam. She is fascinated by documenting space and movement. She has for example translated her running tracks into detailed drawings.

Christie van der Haak

Christie van der Haak (1950, NL) has become known in the past years through her designs of patterns for wallpapers, panels and furniture fabrics. The designs usually consist of floral shapes that are mirrored and doubled so that symmetrical shapes are created, which are reminiscent of Art Deco patterns.



Rabi Koria

Rabi Koria (1988, Syria) visual artist, lives & works in Utrecht and followed the HKU in Utrecht. In his work cultures come together in both image & techniques. In 2015, he won the Royal Award for Painting.

Bureau RNDR

Bureau RNDR (Formerly Bureau Lust in The Hague) is a leading agency in the field of interactive design & data visualization in the Hague.

Masaaki Oyamada

Masaaki Oyamada (Japan) visual & graphic artist, stamp maker, lives & works in the Hague. He combines craftsmanship with a contemporary conservation where personal and artistic truth is the starting point.



Wouter Willebrands

Wouter Willebrands (NL), visual artist, lives & works in Delft. He makes complex abstract drawings & videos based on a certain concept with his own system, information, and restrictions.