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The Werkplaats organises various workshops, such as the monthly short introductory workshops called Monday Printing Club; which focus on a specific technique each time. Furthermore, we organise various introductory workshops and more in-depth workshops.
For actual information look at the Dutch text of this website.

  • The workshops are held in small groups and only if there are enough participants.
  • You can only take part after paying for the workshop or course. Go directly to the agenda for a reservation.
  • Unless stated otherwise, the course prices include the basic materials for printing and the course assignments. You can purchase additional materials or bring your own. You will not be reimbursed if you use your own materials.
  • Tea and coffee are free.
  • On displaying your Ooievaarspas, you will get 50% discount up to a maximum discount of € 165 including VAT per participant per year.


From 18:00 to 19:30 / doors open from 17:30

The Monday Printing Club (MPC) has become a household name!

15 May: litho extra long workshop

  • MPC is once a month on a Monday evening
  • MPC is short and sweet and informal and creative
  • MPC is aimed at introducing a special technique and, of course, the Werkplaats itself.
  • Cost: € 8.00 Students: € 5.00./

Monday Printing Club Extra
Monday 26th June 19.30
An evening with three talks of makers. Entrance free, please make a reservation on the website. English spoken!



o.l.v. Ilse Versluijs

Aug: 15th August 10-12/ 16 aug. 10.00-16.00

Learn all the facets of screen printing in two sessions. These workshops are offered every month.

Get an introduction to screen printing, including lighting, in three short lessons. After which you will be able to work independently on Wednesdays or Fridays.

Cost: € 120,00 incl. 21% VAT p.p. including materials


Led by Bertus Gerssen

This course takes you back in time. In the days of Instagram, Photoshop and black-white filters on your telephone, it is good to know where it all started: analogue photography.

In the well-equipped dark room of the Grafische Werkplaats in The Hague, you can develop films and make prints under the guidance of photographer Bertus Gerssen. If you already have experience, you can see this as a refresher course.

In three evenings, you will learn how to develop a film, make a contact sheet and how to enlarge and print photographs. Materials are included in the course. Just bring your own black-white film to develop and a BLACK-WHITE film that has already been developed!

Cost: € 189.00.


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Summer/ 10.00-16.00 u. / € 90,-

In one day, learn how to expose a photo on an etching plate and how it can be manipulated. This workshop is suitable for people with experience with etching. You will receive prior notification about what you need to bring.



o.l.v. Ilse Versluijs
Thu. 10th and 17th August/ 7.30-9.00/9.30 pm/ costs € 85,- incl. main material excl. baking process

How do you print your design on a plate, tile or mug? Which materials do you need and to what should you pay attention? All these elements will be addressed in this day-long workshop.

This workshop is for people who have experience with screen printing.

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o.l.v. Bertus Gerssen

Saterday 8th July 1-4 pm/
€ 35,-

Short workshop to learn working on the risograph.



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We organize special workshops for exceptional projects or occasions. As an example, in 2014 there were special workshops in the context of the Analog textile festival, such as Ausbrenner screen prints, smart textiles and screen printing with natural pigments. Kid’s workshops: we organise special children’s workshops a couple of times a year. Sign up for the newsletter to stay informed about the latest courses.