Analog Borders


Festival Analog Borders
20 May -26 June 2016
Grafische Werkplaats
Prinsegracht 16, The Hague

Analog Borders is a festival for artists, designers and others active in the Grafische Werkplaats. There will be an exhibition, masterclasses, workshops and a symposium.

Push the boundaries of traditional graphic techniques, experiment and explore the new possibilities! Mix analogue and digital techniques, use everyday objects and kitchen utensils or combine completely different techniques. Etching, gum printing, analogue and digital photography, Riso, screen printing: just that little bit different!

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 lithobrokje voor Navid Nuur

Exposition Analog Borders

An exhibition of artists and designers, who apply graphics in an unorthodox manner. They will be working at the Grafische Werkplaats. Camille van Velzen will follow them and make a short film portrait of each person (premiere during the symposium).

With work by Lisa Blaauwbroek, Navid Nuur, Stijn Peeters, Kok Pistolet, Zeger Reyers, Charlotte van Winden and Peter Zuur.

Exposition is open: 20-26th May mo.-fr. 10-5 pm
Also sa 21 and su 22 May 1-5 pm
Also fr 24th June 7-11pm (Hoogtij) and 25, 26 June 1-5 pm


Friday 20th May 2.30-5 pm



beeld analog borders klein

Workshop toyoboplaten en riso

Monday. 23 and tu. 24 May 10.00-16.30/ teachers: Marijke Verhoef en Bertus Gerssen

Workshop toyobo plates, eching and riso

Reservation for the workshop 

Workshop lino, etch & lasercutter

Tu. 31 May 7-9.30 om and thu. 9 June 10.00-16.30/ in collaboration Haagse Makers, teachers: Jurjen Ravenhorst en Annika Syrjämäki

Design your own etch and lino for digital printing. Haagse Makers will print it for us and then you can make a print it directly in our workingplace with Jurjen Ravenhorst and Annika Syrjämäki and The Haagse Makers.

Reservation for the workshop.

 jurjen kl  – –

Masterclass silkscreen on paper

Sa. 4 and su. 5 June, 10.00-16.30
Teachers: Jurjen Ravenhorst en Annika Syrjämäki

Masterclass screen printing/mixed media under the guidance of Jurjen Ravenhorst and Annika Syrjämäki, in which various carriers, new inks and techniques are combined.

Reservation for the workshop.

Masterclass gomdruk/mixed media

Tu. 14 en th. 16 June 10.00-16.30; teacher: Peter Zuur

Masterclass gum printing/mixed media under the guidance of Peter Zuur, in which the analogue printing technique is combined with old photographic processes and digital images.

Reservation for the workshop.

 peter zuur oa gomdruk
  hanna huistuinenkleukelitho

D-I-Y-workshops: Monday Printing Club

During the festival, the Monday Printing Club will hold a short workshop every Monday with the theme of Huis-tuin-keukenlitho (House-Garden-Kitchen lithography) or Stempels & Stencils (Stamps and Stencils).

Price 8,- for one workshop

Mo. 23 May, 6 en 20 June, 6-7.30 pm Monday Printing Club:House-Garden-Kitchen lithography

Mo. 30 May, 13 June 7-7.30 pm. Monday Printing Club: Stamps and Stencils

Reservation for the workshops: go the agenda



There is a special programme for CKV with a workshop: House-Garden-Kitchen lithography .

 kitchenlitho benodigheden kl

Analog Borders in Gouda

From 27 May to 18 June there is also an Analog Borders exhibition at Firma van Drie in Gouda.


24-26 juni

Festival ends with a special weekend witt an extra exhibition with all the results of workshops and masterclass during  Hoogtij#45

Fr. 24 June: 7-11 pm
Sa 25 en Sun. 26 June: 1-5 pm


Analog Borders is making possible wit help of STROOM, Stichting Stokroos and Government Den Haag.




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